About Asimov Software.

At Asimov Software we create programs that use Artificial Intelligence.
We specialise in programs that can answer questions that are asked in everyday English.
Our latest program is a conversational agent, Asimov the Robot.
This program is cutting-edge.

Please feel free to email us with comments on Asimov the Robot,
or to ask us about Artificial Intelligence.

Email us at asimov@talkingrobot.org.

We are based in London, in the U.K. .  
Our location is:
Asimov Software,
145 Leighton Road,
West Ealing,
London W13 9DR.
Speak to Martin Sondergaard at +44 (0) 208 840 9445.

Martin Sondergaard.


Asimov uses WordNet, a lexicon developed at Princeton University, USA.
WordNet enabled faster development of Asimov, making it a much better program.


Asimov is Copyright Martin Sondergaard, 2005 - 2015.
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