The Future of Chatbots.

Chatbots will become much more advanced.  In time chatbots will become as intelligent as humans.  They will be more like androids in Science Fiction.  They will be intelligent and useful. 

Chatbots will also become more human-like.  They will have more human characteristics.  This will make them more interesting to chat to, but they will also become challenging.  As the boundaries between humans and intelligent chatbots become blurred, people will become unsure how to feel about chatbots.  Humans will be unsure whether the chatbots have feelings, and whether they are conscious. 

The film "AI", by Spielberg and Kubrick, explores similar issues with androids. 

In "Star Trek TNG", the character "Data" is a human-like android.  Data claims to have no feelings of any kind, but some people find this hard to believe.  Data is almost human.  The presence of Data in Star Trek enables the scriptwriters to show what it may be like to live alongside an artificial person.  Intelligent chatbots may have similar personalities to Data.