Asimov on your own website.

It is possible to put a copy of Asimov on your website.  Asimov can appear in a frame, so it appears to be part of your website.  We allow you to do this for free, unless your website has a lot of traffic.  If you want your website to feature Asimov, and expect to get fewer than 2,000 people per day chatting with with Asimov, you can do this for free.

You can make Asimov appear within a frame of your website.  You can do this using some basic HTML.  Just put a link on your website that starts up Asimov.  The link should
point to "". 
Like this link: Asimov.
This link starts up a standard unmodified copy of Asimov. 
(You can right-click on this link, and select Open Link in a New Tab", to see Asimov on its own.)  (It is also possible to use a similar link that opens Asimov within a named frame of your website.)

You will need to use an image for Asimov.  You can copy our image of Asimov, or use your own image. 

We provide the link above as a free service, for the present.  However, we may withdraw the service if we find that Asimov is overwhelmed by chat from your website.  Chats by 1,000 people a day is fine, but if you expect over 1,000 chats per day please contact us by email first.  We reserve the right to withdraw this service at short notice.  If you want a guaranteed non-stop service, this will be available for a fee.  See the "About_us" link for our email address. 

Customised copies of Asimov will be available in the near future. 
A company may like to have a customised chatbot on their website, one that chats about their website or product range.  If you wish to use a customised copy of Asimov, then email us and let us know what sort of chatbot you would like.  For a company that wants a customised chatbot on its website, we can provide one for a fee. 

In addition to chatbots for company websites, we also expect to make personal chatbots.  A personal chatbot is a chatbot based on Asimov that is placed on a small personal website.  Each of these chatbots would be customised by its botmaster.  A botmaster is a webmaster whose website includes a chatbot.

Our chatbots are copyright.  All rights reserved.