Links to chatbots.

Chatbots are programs related to Asimov the Talking Robot.
Asimov is more advanced than chatbots, so we like
to call him a conversational agent, rather than a chatbot.
Chatbots are less technically advanced than Asimov,
but they can be entertaining.

The Chatterbox Challenge website contains links to several chatbots.

Asimov is mentioned on the Chatterbox Challenge website.
       Best Learning Bot award.
Asimov was entered into the ChatterBox Challenge.
It won the prize for Best Learning Bot in 2006.


A previous version of Asimov was awarded "5 cows" at Tucows, a software download website.  It was a downloadable version of Asimov.

A.I. websites.

What is A.I? is an introduction to the subject of Artificial Intelligence. 

And now for a completely different website.

The Mprize is a prize for scientific discoveries about longevity.  Scientists have extended the lifespans of mice, and will one day be able to extend the lifespan of humans.